The Art of Landscape Photography


The Art of Landscape Photography is an expert guide to the theories, techniques and artistry of composition and how it can be used to create beautiful and engaging landscape images. 

The principles of composition to convey meaning and emotion are at the heart and soul of landscape photography. This title tackles the art of composition in great depth, emphasizing how technique can impact on the aesthetics of an image.



In this visually stunning and highly informative book, two of the UK’s leading photographers, Mark Bauer and Ross Hoddinott, investigate widely accepted theories on composition and what appeals to our sense of beauty. They also put the principles into practice, using their own images to illustrate the points.  Technique is discussed, but the emphasis is firmly on how it affects the aesthetics of an image. This book is aimed at those who have grasped the fundamental technical aspects of photography and are keen to expand your artistic understanding.

  • Written by two of the UK’s leading landscape photographers 
  • Expert advice on equipment, shooting technique, and processing